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  • Guten Morgen zusammen :)

    Habe folgendes Problem: Bei mir
    werden Paidmails garnicht eingelesen. Hab die Daten in den
    entsprechenden Interfaces eingetragen, wenn ich aber im Admanager auf
    abgleichen gehe bleibt die Liste bei Paidmails versenden leer.

    Jemand ne Ahnung woran das liegen kann?

  • Through the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Knowledge Technological innovation Commission, Financial and Trade Commission of Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Peoples Government, the Guangdong Provincial Clothing Marketplace Association, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Department Shop Fashion Designers Association and co-sponsored Enterprise Group Co., Jeanswest International (HK) Co., Ltd. jointly organized by China National Garment Association, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Macau develop and Technological innovation Transfer Center, Guangzhou AETCs as distinctive assistance units within the "2011 China Global Vogue Festival while in the fall and Liuhua Guangdong Style Week" was officially opened to the 16th . Vogue Week could be held through France, the U.S., South Korea and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Guangdong neighborhood designers and brand names trend release, new releases, likewise as apparel orders is going to be the eleventh Guangdong Best Ten Trend Designers Award and "2010 - 2011 Guangdong garment sector competitiveness investigation report "published extra than 60 field activities. 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Rui Franklin, chairman and chief designer car Rui, CD creative studio creative director Deng Chao, Cho Chong costume style and design agency creative director, Guangdong ten Jia Li, Guizhou designer, Danny Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen left chairman and chief designer Xu Jianying, America Long Garment Co., Ltd., chairman and chief designer Lin Shaohong, Shenzhen Laifeiqianlai Dress Style and design Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chief Designers Mu Yan, Merino Clothes Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City commoner and layout director, general manager of Guangdong Top 10 Fashion Designers Chen Jianying, Shenzhen Trading Co., Ltd., chairman within the child by Ella and layout director Yao child by Shenzhen Na Suonuo wedding Dress Co., Ltd., chairman and style and design director had Lini, Shenzhen Import and Export Co., Ltd. Design Director Siu Yin Linan Jia Yuan Garments Co., Ltd. Shenzhen hundred style and design director Zhou Jianzhong, according to Seoul Shenzhen Zhuo Garment Co., Ltd., chairman and style director Zhuo Hongbo and so on. Each piece of clothing is a designers masterpiece, like works of art, the Hong Kong Institute of Clothing Engineering students who demonstrate a creative approach. After the vogue show, the presence of numerous star guests and participation of designers and models show cordial photo. Then the venue to participate from the Hong Kong Institute of Clothing cafe 20th anniversary of founding elite clothes exchange party. Reception in a relaxed atmosphere, and guests handheld invitation only, accompanied by beautiful music, rocked sparkling stemware, warm conversation, both reflect the atmosphere in the star of this unparalleled reception and high-end quality. Site designers are full of praise for this reception, saying it is indeed an elite exchange, the Hong Kong Institute of Clothing marketplace deserves to be called "the cradle of talent training apparel business." It is understood that the Hong Kong Institute of Clothes Technologies for its advanced educational philosophy and unique teaching model, popular among students are welcome. Orientation accurate and flexible teaching methods for each on the people who harbor dreams of success opened the door to become the people onto the fashion scene made DreamWorks. Zhoushi Kang Dean said that Hong Kong Institute of Clothes adhere to the "Education for the industrial and economic improvement services for the purpose to develop real talent oriented" school policy toward specialized, sophisticated, strong direction. Running two decades, college adhere relying on branded apparel business, walking colleges, enterprises, school school union, domestic and international cooperation, regional chains of schools, complementary advantages, resource sharing new ways of education, vocational education has become a national model for apparel, Hong Kong Institute of Clothing successful training model and educational philosophy by many universities and business experts agree that college education has become a famous brand in China chain institutions, talented clothes colleges.

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